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“Duckweed” by Michael Homolka

Published on Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

“Patch V” by Mitchell Marti


No one who meets my father ever forgets him
or so I’m told   I met him once when I was twelve
then again at twenty one   A destroyed and desperate people
my heart at your age   he opened   Like a best friend
who gossips about you at every chance
I don’t remember much from those darker days
he went on   Mostly my mind wandered
The coffeehouses had all grown quiet and no one
sat together   Now however the laws of gravity   space   time
all seem rather laxly enforced   Prayerful types
gather elsewhere   out past the edge of the city
no less pleased perhaps than those who sent them away
Yes   I interrupted   with their moonlight and duckweed
and pond water deep into night   A destroyed
and desperate people   devoid of winning streak
such was my heart one year to the next   Yes father
but now you have your meetings to go to
out West with leather couches   good Chinese
and fresh machines for your taxes   And I have
all these trees to climb   See   it’s raining
out the window   So it rains in all our conversations