Issue No. 1

Issue No. 1

Region and the Southwest

Dagoberto Gilb: I Danced

Joni Wallace: Dead Horse Point/Moab, Utah


For Ruth

Maryhelen Snyder: Entwined

Your Ashes Now in the River

E. A. Mares: La Coqueta

El Perro Mexicano

Diane Gancy: Some of Us Travelled

Martha Elizabeth: Blue Donna Gets Her Cat

Blue Donna’s Vocabulary

Blue Donna Deciphers a Letter

Blue Donna Gets Relief

Mary Vanek: Ice

Robert Flynn: Volunteers

Robert Creeley: Meat


Bobby Byrd: It

B.H. Cole: The Father of Rebellion

Jeanne Shannon: She Had a Farm in Africa

Old Country Roses

Linda Thomas: Margarito Persuaded

Keith Wilson: Valley of the Rio Chama

Evelina Z. Lucero: Fancy Dancer

Della Frank: Shima

Gloria Boyer: Dear Brother

Kathleene West: Thanksgiving…

Scott Rhodes: The Death o Elmira Jones

Mark Funk: Hot-Buttered Nectar Flick

C. L. Stewart: Expecting Rain

Raquel Montoya: Unweaving My Tongue

Larry Goodell: Higher Ed

Joseph Somoza: The Heat

Glenna Luschei: Injection

Robert Burlingame: Portuguese Girls

Leslie Ullman: February

James Hoggard: The Scapegoat

Phyllis Hoge Thompson: Colors of the Fall in America

Jim Hagerman: Dak To

Jo Foster: Weighing Souls

Sheila Cudahy: West, South-West

V. B. Price: Chaco Body: V. Like a Rock

Arthur Meryash: He Has to Pay

Jon Knudsen: The Inheritance

Carl Mayfield: Warriers

Robert Gallegos: hand and shadow: Parrots

hand and shadow: Los Alamos

hand and shadow: The Goat

Pat Mora: Bosque

Cesar A. Gonzalez-T.: Norte del Norte

Lucile Adler: Horizon

Helena Maria Viramontes: Why Women Burn

Rosalie Otero: My Father Was a Toltec, review

E. A. Mares: Martin, review

Cecil Robinson: A Charge of Angels, review